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Make the most of visiting Ely by joining one of the many tours available.

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Our experienced guest lecturers and after dinner speakers are able to provide a fresh and creative approach to diverse topics such as local history, geography, architecture, tourism or even ghostly tales of the City of Ely.

Group Tours & Corporate Activities

Within easy travelling distance of London, Counties of East Anglia and Lincolnshire, Ely has a treasure trove of heritage, art, shopping facilities and bustling markets on offer for our group explorers. With free coach car parking, strategic drop off points within the city and a wide range of facilities, Ely is the ideal destination for a day visit.

Self-Guided Tours

Haunted Ely

There are many tales of ghosts in Ely, and many books that tell you their stories. Haunted Ely by Margaret Haynes and Vivienne Doughty is our favourite book that tells the stories of St. Etheldreda and the other ghosts that can be found here.

Cromwell and Ely

Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England, lived in Ely for 10 years. Today the House, the only surviving former Cromwell residence other than Hampton Court, has been recreated to show how his family would have lived in the mid 17th Century.

But who was he and why is he so important to British history?

"He was King in all but name"

"He banned Christmas"


Oliver Cromwell's House
29 St Mary's Street
Ely, Cambs CB7 4HF
United Kingdom
01353 662062

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